Web design studio
for purposeful
brands & charities.

We're Papaya–Studio: a Wordpress website design agency who help people and planet focused organisations to thrive online.

What we do

We propel positive-organisations online, helping them to reach more people and grow revenue.

By empowering your cause, we can turn the tide of change, collectively.

Spaceworks – Relaunching a not-for-profit social enterprise offering affordable and supportive workspace in Bristol.

Greener Energy Futures – Website improvement strategy for Net-Zero carbon consultancy.

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Reinstalling humanity – Digital evolution – Full-stack sustainability – Purpose: people & planet postive digital design.

Our purpose

We believe in the power of the web to change business for the better.

By supporting good causes, with accessible, low-carbon websites – we can build a more inclusive and sustainable future.

  • Our websites are hosted on servers powered by 100% renewable energy as standard, but that’s not all. We measure website carbon as we go to lower the impact of our final outcome.

  • We make a donation that plants 100 trees and offsets 2 tonnes of CO2 through carbon reduction projects for every new website we book. Because, why not?

  • Today’s websites must be available to everyone. Where (WCAG-AA) isn’t required, all our sites are optimised to meet the baseline for a High Accessibility Score.

How we do it

By bring together design and digital to create positive digital experiences. We build Wordpress websites that work harder for you, for the people who use them, and the planet – simply and effectively.

Digital Strategy
& Guidance

& WooCommerce

User Experience (UX)
& Inteface Design

Web Hosting
& Support


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