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Portfolio - The345


We had the privilege to work with The345 - a specialist scenic construction company based in central Bristol constructing their new website. We embarked on a mission to launch the business' online presence, bringing their team, passion and craft to the forefront.

Our project involved creating a dynamic, standout site that cuts through the noise, positioning The345's exceptional craftsmanship above competitors to secure new bookings.

We create an interactive one page design, where visitors explore the breadth of The345's projects across film, TV, and commercials. The result was a dynamic, immersive digital platform that articulates The345's brand, reflects the team strengths, and resonates with production teams at online video streaming platforms.


  • Website Strategy
  • Website Prototypes (UX)
  • Interface Design (UI)
  • WordPress Development
  • Hosting, Maintenance & Support
  • Website Training
  • Photography

Planning & Design

The design process for the website began entirely from scratch. We invested time in understanding the unique elements that make up The345’s brand, from their process to their collaborative spirit. This understanding formed the cornerstone of our design approach and vision.

Next, we constructed a site map. Acting as our architectural blueprint, the site map ensured a user-friendly navigation structure, guiding visitors seamlessly through projects.

We transitioned into the creation of wireframes. These served as the skeletal framework for the website, defining the layout and arrangement of the site’s features, content, and navigation system. Wireframes also allowed us to visualize the user-journey and ensure it was both engaging and logical.

Visual Interaction

Following planning – we dove into the creation of website visuals. Inspired by The345 logo, we crafted a visual language that was reflective of their brand. Bold typography, dynamic imagery, and interactive elements were incorporated to bring the site to life.

The result was a visually captivating and interactive platform that not only showcases The345’s work, but converts visitors into customers.