Greener Energy Futures

Website improvement strategy for Net-Zero carbon consultancy.

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Greener Energy Futures are a team of expert environmental consultants who help businesses to understand their carbon outputs, and build strategies to move them towards Net-Zero.

We were approached to improve GEF's website as it had become an inadequate representation of their postition. Our goal was to implement cost-effective improvements that would not only solidify GEF's position as a leader in carbon consultancy, but also set them apart from increasing competition in the market.

Working with their existing brand, content and website framework, we aimed to amplify their online presence, ensuring it reflected their wealth of experience and market leadership.


  • Website audit
  • Website optimisation
  • UX Improvements

Audit Process

To gain insights into the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities of the current website, we conducted a comprehensive audit. This involved evaluating various aspects, including content, user experience, SEO, conversion rate optimization, mobile design, accessibility and performance. Our audit process assesses over 120 key points to ensure a thorough analysis.

The findings from the audit served as the foundation for our improvement strategy. We then prioritised the tasks and created a clear action plan to guide our efforts. This approach gave us a precise understanding of the required work to effectively plan our improvements.


Using the audit as our foundation, we undertook a comprehensive restructuring of the website user journey, focusing on clear communication of the working process, showcasing experiences through case studies, and underlining the cost and carbon saving benefit of their services.

To meet our objectives of delivering cost-effective improvements, we worked with GEFs existing brand, content and Squarespace platform to maximise impact with minimal resource. We uplifted the website visual aesthetic to better position GEF as market leaders, and repurposed existing content to improve communication through the user journey.