Papaya has grown in the space between two worlds.

We bridge the human—digital divide to build websites that are more than simple platforms for people to land on, but ever-evolving online experiences which guide them on their way to where they need to be — no navigation skills required.


To build an inclusive, sustainable future by creating next-generation websites for purpose-driven organisations, accelerating the growth of people and planet positive businesses.

Simply put, we exist to help conscious companies live, grow and thrive online. We can’t change the world overnight, but we can try our absolute best to bring a fairer and greener one into reality, one website at a time.


Digital evolution

We solve business problems with digital design and web development. We help clients who have outgrown their online home to adapt, evolve and overcome challenges, and move forward into the next phase of their journey with confidence.

Reinstalling humanity

We take a user-first approach. Exploring how digital experiences can better fulfil the needs of people, we work with you to understand what motivates them, before prototyping, testing and evaluating the user journey from start to finish.

Full-stack sustainability

We build websites with sustainable web development practices, for clients who support a sustainable economy. Each project is an opportunity to learn more about this practice, make our work cleaner and more efficient than before and ultimately, have a positive impact through our work.

Natural integration

We’re here to work with you and help you succeed. Investing in the future of forward-thinking businesses is our interest, so we commit to long-term partnerships; providing strategy, support and guidance for the digital side of your brand and business.


Papaya’s Creative Director and Founder, Nathan, has a decade of experience in creating websites and digital experiences for people who need to see change, in their business and the world around them.

Nathan Hambling - Papaya-Studio Founder

As your digital partner, we manage all projects from conception to the launch day of the live website. Once the website is out there, we take care of all the essential website management and focus on supporting you with the digital strategies needed to guide the evolution of your site moving forward.

Over the years, we have established a talented, trusted network of professional partners working across creative and digital sectors, who share our values and optimism. For each project, we build a bespoke team to collaborate with from start to finish: a creative force brimming with the experience required to fulfil your brief and make it a success.