The New Meat Project

Delivering an e-commerce store for a new ethical online butchery.

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The New Meat Project is a new online butchers delivering British, ethically produced and environmentally aware meat, that is priced fairly.

Their mission is to encourage everyday people to change the way they buy meat, to no longer accept the industrialised meat from supermarkets, and instead make the choice to support small-scale, family run farms who are producing food using traditional, sustainable practices.


  • WordPress CMS / WooCommerce Store
  • DPD Shipping Automation
  • Email Marketing Automations
  • Debit / Credit Card, PayPal, Apple and Google Pay check out options
  • Pay-Per-Click Ads on Facebook, Google and Instagram

Our challenge

With Christmas just around the corner, we were given only 8 weeks to create a brand and e-commerce store for the new online butchery.

As a part of this challenge, the New Meat Project required a visual unlike any other butchers, cutting through a market saturated with premium styling and overly masculine messaging – all of which makes purchasing high quality meats feel unaffordable and unaccessible.

Our objective was to create a look and feel that went against the grain, making an online butchers that appeals to everyone.

The user experience

As a butchers, The New Meat Project stocks a wide range of cuts and meats. We worked closely with the James and Sushila to understand how people shop for meat so we could organise and categorise products in a way that encourages users to explore new products, whilst making it easy to find the family favourites. This led to an extensive site-mapping phase to determine the most effective hierarchy for their products.

Communicating ethical values

People care about where their meat comes from more than ever. And as a brand new company, we had to communicate the authenticity of the ethical values it was founded on effectively. The New Meat Project’s approach focuses on small scale farming, using traditional regenerative farming practices to produce meats with low environmental impact, and high animal welfare standards.

The discussion about the ethics and environmental impact of meat consumption is perpetual, and it seems that there is no correct answer for everyone. Our position is that we want to encourage everyone to make better choices about the food they consume, making it easier to eat more sustainably. We can all agree that buying from smaller scale producers, and using regenerative practices, is a much better alternative to the mass produced products we get in the supermarkets, regardless of dietary preference 🙌.


Papaya Studio has been working with us for 3 years and in that time has built us 3 websites for 3 different businesses. Each one is unique, easy to use for customers and for us when we add products etc. They're incredibly responsive, engaged in what we are doing and always full of good solutions. They're also lovely chaps.

Sushila Moles
Director - The New Meat Project