Cabrito Goat Meat

Helping a sustainability-focused family butchers on their E-Commerce journey.

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What started as 3 billy goats in a field, has seen Cabrito, a family business started by Chef James Whetlor, develop into the leading UKs leading Goat meat supplier. Cabrito takes a waste product from the dairy industry, male billy goats, and raises them as a sustainable, healthy alternative to mainstream meats.

We worked with Cabrito through a successful crowdfunding campaign to support their investment goals with campaign materials, and re-launching their website, transforming them into an E-commerce focused business.

After transitioning from primarily restaurant trade to retail during the pandemic, Cabrito asked us to help reposition the website, focusing on B2C trade and growing its online sales revenue. We did a deep dive into the site's analytics to find problem areas and identify usage trends, we then built a strategy, and optimised the user experience to push 'curious but cautious' meat shoppers, over the fence.

We restructured the site, bringing best-selling, easy-access products to the forefront, and redesigned the look and feel improving product discovery for first-time shoppers.


  • Conversion Rate Optimision (CRO)
  • Website Strategy
  • Website Prototypes (UX)
  • Interface Design (UI)
  • WooCommerce Development
  • Hosting, Maintenance & Support


Our number one goal in this project? To increase the website’s conversion rate, turning new-to-product users into happy goat-eating customers.

After successful investment rounds, Cabrito built its own dedicated butchery unit to bring meat preparation in-house, and it was our job to keep the butchers busy with demand from new customers. We knew users were making it to the website, but more was needed to get them to try Goat for the first time.

Understanding the user’s

Before making project recommendations, we did a deep dive into the website’s analytics and sales data to define how users interact with the business online. The majority of users are first-time visitors, using mobile devices and they typically leave after viewing a single product. This indicated to us that customers aren’t being shown the information they need to make a decision, or that they’re overloaded with choices. It also promoted us to review the website’s loading times and navigation, to monitor browsing frustration.

We presented this data to James and Sushi as project recommendations, forming our website strategy.


We overhauled the Cabrito home page, shop pages and brand information pages. We prioritised product discovery to reduce friction in the sales journey, inspiring users with easy-to-access products and recipe ideas. We also brought Cabrito’s grassroots story and ethical values to the forefront, communicating the brand’s ever-growing pursuit of sustainable meat farming.

Having worked closely with James and Sushila at Cabrito for over 4 years, we have a deep understanding of their challenges, customers and competitors. The intensity of the crowdfunding campaign meant their time was limited, so we offered a low-interruption solution to deliver the project, whilst still keeping them involved in key decisions.

Curry goat?

There’s no shaking the connection between Goat and curry. Diced meats are Cabrito’s best sellers so we made sure these, along with other popular cuts were immediately visible on the home page to familiarise users with the product lineup. We needed to break down the barriers to trying goat, so familiarity is key to bridging the gap.

We backed up products with Cabrito’s purpose-driven story, and further sang their praises with endorsements from celebrity chefs and happy customers. What’s not to love?

Finding the best cuts

Based on our research, we introduced new product organisation systems and filtering controls on the shop pages, to help customers find products that match their budget and cooking style. We promoted best sellers and ‘customer favourites’ site-wide and encouraged users to try the ‘Starter Box’ with a discount, offering an easy-in to try Goat.

Speed and usability

As the majority of shoppers visit using a mobile device, we prioritised mobile performance and usability in our optimisation.

We compressed the site’s code and images, cutting page loading times in half. Fast page loading is essential on all websites, both for usability and for reducing website carbon emissions. In e-commerce, loading times have a direct correlation to conversion rate (reducing page speed by 1s can increase page views by up to 11%!)

E-Com Feature Packed

Supporting the front end redevelopment we have worked with Cabrito to install a suite of e-com business management tools, including:

  • Mailchimp emial marketing
  • Automated DPD shipping label creation and tracking
  • Social media re-marketing & Tracking
  • Apple & Google Pay
  • Google Analytics


Papaya are brilliant. They're pro-active with fixes, always on hand when things go wrong and a nice guys with it. I have used them in new projects because I know I can trust them and have recommended them to friends.

James Whetlor
Director - Cabrito