Setting up emails on your Apple Mail / Outlook.

The guide below shows you how to set up your email accounts on your Apple Mail. The instructions below are based on using a Apple Mail, but the process is exactly the same for Outlook, or any other email client. The set up is also similar on Windows computers.

1. Open you Mail app (Apple Mail, Outlook etc).

2. Click ‘Mail’ in the menu bar at the top of your screen. From the drop down menu select ‘Add account…’

3. In the dialogue box that opens select ‘Other Mail Account’ at the bottom of the list and click ‘Continue’.

4.  On the next page you will be asked to enter 3 piece of information. Here is what each section means, and what you need to enter.

Name: The name you enter here is the name that will appear as the ‘sender’ in your recipients emails. If you leave it blank your email address will be used by default, but we recommend using your company name if it is a business email address. If it’s a personal email account for an employee of the business you could use ‘John – XYZ Company’.

Email: Enter the email address we have set up for you.

Password: This is the password we have provided you with.

The most common reason people have trouble setting up their emails on their device is because of misspelt email addresses and passwords. Make sure that everything is entered correctly!

Once you’ve entered all of your details click ‘Sign In’ in the bottom right corner. Your computer will then connect with our server to check the email account. This can take a few minutes so be patient. If your computer cannot find the email account, please start again from scratch making sure to enter the all of the details correctly.

If after multiple tries you can’t get in, drop us an email and we will help you out.

5. Once your email address has been found you will be taken to the next page. The email address field and password field will be filled out automatically. Don’t be alarmed if a notice is shown stating ‘Unable to verify account name or password.’

Please carefully enter the following details:

Username: Enter the email address we have given you here.

Password: This should be filled out automatically. If it’s not, enter your password here.

Account Type: Make sure that ‘IMAP’ is the selected option in the menu. IMAP means that your emails will be stored on the server, where as POP means they will be stored locally on your device (this isn’t very useful if you use more than 1 device, or it get’s lost!). Because of this, we always suggest using IMAP on all of your devices.

Incoming Mail Server:

Outgoing Mail Server:

We hate to go on about it – but 99% of the time our client’s have trouble setting up emails is due to information entered incorrectly. If it doesn’t work the first time please give it another go being careful to enter the information correctly. If it still doesn’t work, feel free to email us.

6. Once all of your details have been entered successfully click ‘Sign In’.  Your account will then be verified which may take a few minutes. If all of your details have been entered correctly your account will be verified successfully and you will be asked what apps you would like to connect. This is up to you, but ensure Mail is always selected.  Connecting Notes will mean that you have another Apple Notes account connected to your email address. Which can be helpful for separating work and home notes.

7. Voilà! Your emails have now been set up in your email client!

If you do require assistance setting up your email’s please do get in touch and we can go through the process together.

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