7 Tips for Writing an Effective Services/Product Page

Your services/product page is your biggest opportunity to impress your site visitors with what you have to offer. Create a bland, unimpressive page and you’ll find it difficult to get new customers online.

Luckily, marketers have been creating and testing landing pages for years and have identified a few key elements that matter no matter what kind of business you have. Here are 7 important ones.

1.   Pick the right title

Most product or services page titles are simple. Something like “What we offer” or “Our services” will suffice. You don’t want people landing on your page to be confused about where they are.

At the same time, there are some benefits to getting creative and picking a title that stands out. A unique title can help you communicate your business’ unique style, or highlight the benefits of your product/service. Here’s an example of a creative product page title that does just that:

2.   Use keywords strategically

Keywords shouldn’t be the main priority for your service page copywriting, but they should be a factor you consider. Identify relevant search terms related to your business and services, then you can use them to help name your services. This will help your appearance in search results.

For example, if you offer student tutoring services in Winchester, and find “Private Tutor Winchester” is a relevant keyword, you might change one of your sub headers to optimise for this.

Google Adwords Keyword Planner and Ubersuggest are two free tools you can use to start your keyword research.

3.   Cater to your personas

The more targeted you can get with your marketing message, the more likely your site visitors will convert. If you have more than one target persona who would be interested in your product/service, consider creating unique pages that focus on their needs.

For example, say you’re a design agency that creates websites for both doctors and dentists. You could create a unique landing page for each audience, and then use wording and visual examples relevant to their niche.

Even if you only have one target persona to work with, make sure your service page speaks to them specifically.

4.   Make it visual

Always make efforts to break up blocks of text with visual elements to keep visitors engaged and interested.

Here’s a product page that makes the most of visual elements to entice site visitors to buy. They start with colourful photos of their products (in this case pizza, since it’s a pizzeria).

But that’s just the bare minimum as far as visual elements go. They take it to the next level by making their ingredients list visual as well:

Even if you don’t sell products, service pages can benefit from visual elements just as much.

5.   Use social proof

Site visitors know your product/service page is all about promoting your business and singing your own praises. They’re going to take most of what you say with a grain of salt, unless you can incorporate some social proof.

Social proof is essentially an endorsement from a third-party person or business, e.g.:

  • Testimonials
  • Reviews
  • Social sharing metrics
  • Social following metrics
  • Number of current customers

Highlight social proof on your service page to show your audience that people outside your business like what you offer.

6.   Supplement with additional pages

Don’t overcrowd your service page. Go over the basics of your product/services then offer secondary pages with more detailed information.

7.   Include a compelling CTA

Don’t let your product/service page be just a plain description of what you offer. You need to prompt your visitors to take the next step. If you offer products, this could be a “buy now” button. If you offer services, this could be a “contact us to learn more” call-to-action (CTA).

If possible, try including a sense of urgency to encourage people to act. This can be a limited time promotion (e.g. Get 10% off our services if you contact us before the new year!), or simple wording like “Act now,” or “Contact us today!”

Wrapping up

Your product/service page is your platform to showcase what makes you and your business great. When creating content for it, remember to speak to your target audience, make it visual, use social proof, and put the rest of these tips into action. Once you do, your product/service page will be a great starting point for future tweaks and improvements.



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